Dehnal Oudh Cambodi 3ml

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Pure Cambodian Oudh, Agarwood.

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A sophisticated fragrance that has the precious oud (agar wood) precious ointment in Cambodia. The adulthood is subjected to a migratory process to extract the miraculous essence with so many beneficial properties for body and spirit. A unique, which rejuvenates the senses, offers calmness and spiritual uplifting.

A drop of oud essence is enough to feel this strong aroma for hours.

Cambodian Oud is one of the most sought-after perfumes, making it easier to wear, as well as its hypnotic, tranquilizing effect on others.

An exclusive fragrance fragrance from Al Haramain Perfumes - EAU, made from high quality ingredients (pure oud), offers uniqueness and power to your wearer!

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