Oudh Ma'al Attar 40g

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A classical Bukhoor incense in the form of aged Indian Agarwood chips. A wonderfully fresh-scented incense dipped in Oudh oil, slowly emanating a woody, musky and sweet fragrance.


Encased in a 40 g intricately designed box, this bukhoor of Oudh when released in the air fascinates the aura with a fragrance of Oudh that intoxicates all the souls around as well as nearby. When burnt in bukhoor burner, Oudh Maal Attar starts exuding the fragrance constituting the blend of aromatic bergamot, sweet apple and musk in the beginning which dissipates into strong Agarwood, cardamom and saffron. The base notes of Cedar, Amber and musk allows the fragrance to prevail the surroundings for long. Oudh Maal Attar is contains 100% natural oudh and no alcohol content.

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