Gucci (Oils)

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A huge portion of our oil fragrances/atr are comparable in personality and style to high street brands. However these are only comparative and are almost the same but are not original branded perfumes. 

The degree of excellence and quality is not impacted in these alternatives. Perfume names have been shortened of few of them to avoid dispute with other perfume houses.  

We also provide you with fast shipping services, ensuring that you receive your product at prompt.


Gucci Oud

Inspired by exotic voyages from a time past, Gucci Oud is an opulent, new scent. Crafted from a reimagined blend of traditional Eastern ingredients, the modern unisex fragrance is rich, sensual—and unmistakably Gucci.

Gucci Oud Intense

Only the highest quality resin is steam distilled to produce essential oil for Gucci Intense Oud. The signature heart note is the Ambery Oud accord, a blend of dry woods and smoky resinous notes with the addition of an Ambergris accord to enhance the incense signature.

Gucci Rush 

Gucci Rush is an ecstatic trip, sinfully cool and enticingly seductive. With an addictive combination of florals and spices, it reflects an extreme feeling of pleasure.

Gucci Envy

This seductive scent has top notes of pink peony, water jasmine and pink pepper blended intimately with a heart that combines lychee, pomegranate, pineapple, pink musk, seringa and white tea.


Bamboo' emanates the GUCCI woman's diverse sides, her femininity, confidence, savvy and strength. A fragrance that is so true to her spirit, it represents her essence, its tailor made precisely for the GUCCI woman.

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